Wednesday 25 July 2012

From desire to action… by Vinod Lobo

The word “Imagine” inevitably brings to mind the classic work of legendry John Lennon of Then Beatles. The world knows him for this compositions and singing. It was this intellectual who dared to tell the world to aspire for a free world where everyone lived in peace.
All of us want to live in a peaceful, prosperous country where there is brotherhood and no one sleeps hungry. Ask any youth and he/she will tell you that they wish for no corruption, no war, no crime but only harmony.
The Imagine Trust is the story of a group of youngsters who wanted to do their bit towards building that one world heralded by Lennon.
In a fast paced city of Mangalore two college boys were engrossed in loads of extra-curricular activities. They met each other in a forum for social service. This friendship grew deeper and the good work that happened at their hands brought many link-minded people together. This was the birth of Imagine. But it all actualized when their hands were strengthened by to more members. This group of four formed The Imagine Trust.
The Imagine Trust believes in bringing together people who want to work towards any social cause. Be it recording books for the visually impaired or organizing a career development camp.
Here there is no long term commitment or meetings which you have to attend. It’s just reaching out to those who are in need at the time when you are free. We have been blessed with numerous talents. With Imagine you can channelize them towards a social cause. If I am good with dance, I can teach them to kids of a poor locality. If I am good at technology you can build a website for a poor school or a genuine NGO. The list is endless.
We have several projects running parallel.
·        Imagine Talking Books -  Record books for the visually impaired
·        Imagine Sponsorship– Sponsoring poor children’s education
·        Imagine Celebrations– Birthdays, marriage, anniversary or any special occasion, celebrate it with sponsoring food or items to the needy
·        Imagine Inspire – Career guidance for youth

Those interested to have some fun and spend their free times changing lives write to us at
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