Wednesday 30 June 2021

Imagine Clothes Bank - All you need to know!

 “You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us

And the world will live as one”

-         - Lyrics from Imagine by the legendary John Lennon.

The Idea

Imagine a swanky showroom where anyone in need can walk in and pick clothes of their choice. It's a place where hand-me-downs find new meaning; where everyone has the privilege to choose; where the poor receive with pride and where dignity thrives. This is the clothes bank we imagine.

Excited? This beautiful idea is the brain child of Asma and the Late Ajit Hari who believed in helping anyone in need and making good clothing accessible to all. This was one of their many projects that have found a place in our hearts and its our turn to take it on.

How does the clothes bank work?

The Imagine Clothes Bank, based in Electronics City, helps in fulfilling the basic necessity of good clothing for anyone in need. Clothes collection drives are held in different parts of the city to facilitate the donation of used clothing in good condition worthy of a second use. A thorough segregation and inspection ensures that only clothing in the right condition finds its place into the bank.

The clothes are then made available every Sunday. There is no restriction of religion, age, sex, language here, there is something for everyone. 

What is the impact or intent from the clothes bank?

The clothes bank, we believe, is just the beginning of a revolutionary change which in course of time will spread wings to cater to toys, shoes, medicines, stationary, home needs like utensils, etc. The vision is of a one-stop-center where all the basic needs of the underprivileged are met. Its is a social movement to uplift the life of our brethren in need.

Phase 1 will be a pilot to create a successful working model

Phase 2 will be a full-fledged showroom

How are clothes collected?

Imagine relies completely on contributions of used/new clothes. Clothes collection drives are run by Champions of Imagine in various schools, colleges, organizations and apartments and the collected clothes are then sent to the Imagine Clothes Bank.

Imagine needs clothes all year round. 

How can I be a champion?

At Imagine, we believe that we are only as good as our champions. With champions like you, only not only does our strengths multiply, but also our certainity that the impact too would reach far and wide. 

To register, please fill the form below and the join the WhatsApp group. 

Registration form:

WhatsApp group:

What do I need to do as a champion?

As a champion for the Imagine Clothes Bank, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Approvals

Please initiate discussions with your organization/ apartment’s approval authorities (management comittee. We can send a formal email on request.

Step 2: Decide the dates and venue

Choose a few dates that work well for all (with a weekend in between) and select a safe indoor space that’s easily accessible to use as your ‘drop point’ for clothes. Please highlight a last date as well.

Step 3: Send out communication

Imagine will provide you with all the necessary communication collaterals for digital communication. Please use your popular channel such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Adda, etc to spread the word around. Daily reminders do wonders to your collection drive. 

Step 4: Segregate

With the help of volunteers in your organization/apartment, you can segregate the collected clothes to check for damages etc. An Imagine Core Team member can guide you on this. Contact the team member on the phone numbers shared below.

Coming together for segregation activity is a great engaging activity and is truly gratifying.

Step 5: Hand over to Imagine

You can drop the collected clothes at the Imagine Clothes Bank near Hosa Road, Electronics City. You can also send them by Porter/ similar logistics’ providers or get together volunteers to drop them at our centre. 

How often should a clothes drive be done?

We encourage drives every six months keeping in mind the response from the contributors and the effort put in by the champions.

How do we communicate to the beneficiaries?

Through posters, flyers printed on recycled paper, word of mouth and through pop-up clothes banks in slums and other areas in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

 What are the other ways in which we can support the clothes bank?

  1. Volunteer at our centre for segregation of clothes and also for running the clothes bank.
  2. Provide logistical support to transport clothes to our centre.
  3. Contribute in cash towards the various expenses of the clothes bank.
  4. Donate/ purchase sarees and inner garments as we do not receive these in collection drives.
  5. Tweet, blog and write about us on social media so more like-minded people may come together towards this cause.

While this is a dream in its nascent stage, we are looking for collaborators, partners and contributors to make this project HUGE. We would be reaching a minimum of 5200 families in a year and we’re excited that this journey has already begun.

If you wish to support us, please call 9886701145/ 9972099323/ 9886701148 or email

Sunday 20 June 2021

Makeshift Schools in Slums

If the children can't reach school, bring the school to them. The Imagine Trust is happy to share that we have started classes for children at a slum on Sarjapur Road. Our volunteers led by Nitin Kumar have been going there every Saturday to help these children. The journey towards change has begun.

Joy of Giving - Nagarhole Tribal Communities

An eventful day at the Nagarhole forests where we conducted a clothes distribution drive. Through Janani, an enthusiastic social worker, we assessed the needs of the Jenu Kuruba, Betta kuruba and Soliga tribes that live on the outskirts of the forests. 

With the help of our well wishers and volunteers, we were able to collect two car loads of preloved clothes for people of all ages. We sorted the clothes to ensure only the best were given out. The true joy came in when they started wearing the clothes we just distributed.

Also in the pictures is the dump of clothes that were not in a condition to be given. While we truly appreciate the kind gesture of sharing used clothes, it's always important to remember the dignity of the receiver in mind.

Experience Kits for Anganwadi Children

2021...a year of awesome things to come! 

We, at The Imagine Trust reached out 250+ children from Anganwadis to make learning at home possible for them. Thanks to the contributions from 38 sponsors, we were able to distribute kits of hand-picked items including books, art kits, stationary, toys, masks and hand wash to students of 4 Anganwadis. 

In the weeks to come, we will be reaching out to more such centres. Each child is special, each child needs to be given access to learning and education. At Imagine, this is one of the many steps in this direction. Thrilled to see the excitement on the smiles of these little children.

Don't miss our special video on this initiative. 

Thursday 17 June 2021

Why Sponsor Education for a Prisoner's Child?

To say that a prisoner’s life is hard is an understatement. The process, the time taken, the treatment meted out makes the entire journey very painful leaving scars at every step. How different is it for a prisoner’s family?

Whether proven guilty or not, sentenced or otherwise, their life can never be the same again. They are caught in a whirlwind of trauma that never seems to end. In most cases, the family is judged or branded as being that of ‘criminals’. Families are ostracized from society wherein even the extended family does not support them. House owners ask them to vacate. Spouses find it hard to earn a living if the bread-winner of the family is imprisoned. Children have the worst to bear. Left to the mercy of society, these children are isolated, denied social circles, asked to leave school and abused in many cases.

Image for representational purposes only

Did you know that children upto the age of 6 are required to stay with the mother, if she is imprisoned? Imagine the life of a child who is raised with a parent(s) in prison or one who is left behind at home when one or both parents are imprisoned. They deserve a normal upbringing and life as any of us or our children. However, we hardly know these children exist or what kind of lives they lead. Our attempt, at Imagine, is to understand these children, keep our judgements aside and to help them build a future where the shadows of crime and injustice don’t follow them. Our acts of love and respect can go a long way in healing these young lives.

This introduction was necessary to understand why The Imagine Trust has chosen to work with children of prisoners. Through our Imagine Educare project, we intend to sponsor the education many such children. Our small attempt can be a life-changer for these children where education is still a luxury. Join us in this mission to make education accessible to these children. Your contribution can change their lives.


The Imagine Trust has offered to help children of prisoners. These children have been identified with the help of Prison Ministry India, an organization that is a pioneer in rehabilitation and reformation of prisoners for over 2 decades. Our process ensures that the background of the child and the need is verified. Confidentiality of every child will be maintained throughout the process. Proper receipts will be collected on disbursements of funds and an annual tracking of the progress reports will be maintained at The Imagine Trust. The identity of the donors will not be shared with the beneficiaries.

In addition, we will also be providing assistance to children from families that are severely affected by the Covid situation. 


We ran a fund-raiser in June & July for the education of children of prisoners and families severely affected by covid. We are happy to share that we have been able to sponsor/support the education of 16 children ranging from LKG to LLB. We thank each of you who contributed towards this initiative.