Wednesday 3 October 2012

A different Joy of Giving @ Imagine

You’ve heard it on Radio, you’ve read it in the papers, you probably even heard at work….No it’s not the T20 matches but a much greater and more important concept, The Joy of Giving Week (JGW).

So just to tell you a little of what JGW is, we borrowed some stuff from Wiki. Here goes! The Joy of Giving Week (JGW) is a "festival of philanthropy" that aims to become a part of the Indian ethos, with the Week being celebrated every year covering Gandhi Jayanti by engaging people through "acts of giving" - money, time, resources and skills - spanning the corporate, NGO and government sectors, schools, colleges and the general public. It was originally called "India Giving Week".

At Imagine, we spent some time thinking of this wonderful concept - JOY OF GIVING. Wonderful, isn’t it? We are so used to ‘taking’ all the time, because it is easy. Nothing wrong in that, but there comes a time when we must learn to give as well. Give of ourselves and of what we have.

This week we would like to focus on giving of ourselves through 7 different ways. Let’s call each of these items gifts that we can give to ourselves and those around us.

1.       Gift of Appreciation

Psychologists rate this as a very important aspect in self-esteem and emotional well-being. Well, we don’t need to know psychology but each of us definitely knows how good we feel when we are appreciated. Appreciate – it does not cost anything. Had a good breakfast – thank you mum, wife or cook who made it. Thank the boy who delivers newspaper. He has to wake up two hours before you, to ensure you get your paper on time.

2.       Gift of patience

We’ve all driven people up the wall at some time or the other. The least we would expect back then was patience. The gift of patience is priceless. In our relationships, when we come across parents, partners and friends who don’t do things our way, just exercise patience. Let them be. When you lose your cool, the only person at loss is you.

3.       Gift of Love

Unconditional love. Wondered what that means? Just love…without conditions or expecting anything back in return. I know this is better said than done. But whats the harm in trying. Lets take one relationship in our lives and see how we can love unconditionally.

4.       Gift of Time

Phew! All was well until someone asked us for time. Who has the time to give time? Remember the time your mum rushed home from work to ensure you had your playtime before dusk. Remember how your dad each day brought the cycle out to teach you cycling. Now is the time, spend time with people who matter to you. There will always be work, traffic, Facebook and TV. But people and relationships won’t be here forever. Make time every single day to spend a few minutes of quality time with your parents, spouse and children.

5.       Gift of knowledge

Thanks to our double degrees and our smart phones, there is probably nothing we don’t know. Knowledge shared is knowledge doubled. If you know something that your friend doesn’t, share it. And we are not talking of hot gossip here. But genuinely share. There is no point heading to the grave with lots in the head. Teach your parents how to use email, teach your maid English, read news to you grandparents….it’s all about sharing knowledge.

6.       Gift of forgiveness

Ah! Why this??? Well, it’s the beginning of peace is what we have learnt. We all have a list of people who have hurt or angered us. And that pain is something we would never let go off. Forgiveness brings about wonders. And of course it’s not easy, but once you have forgiven someone from your heart, you will know that you are free. Reach out to that friend who hurt you long ago, “Hey you know what, I forgive you from my heart”.

7.       Gift of prayer

Oh we are so busy, that we have no time for even God in our lives. When you find all the doors closed, remember that God opens a special window only for you. You just have to ask him to. Faith in God keeps million alive. Pray for everyone you think needs help. Prayer not only refreshes our faith but also keeps us going through rough times. An interesting exercise to do is to count your blessings and thank god for them.

We are neither preachers or have we seen life for over 50 years. We just believe in simple things and realize how simple, thoughtful ways can change the world around us. We hope you enjoyed our tips on the Joy of Giving.