Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Imagine Volunteers @ Shishu Bhavan

As an activity of  the  Reach Out Club,  a visit was organized to Nirmala Shishu Bhavan, one of the Institutions of the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa’s) in Bangalore located at Lingarajapuram. 
The imagine Trust through its volunteers was in charge of feeding the children and cleaning the children’s home. The volunteers were asked to assemble at the venue at 8am on Saturday, 29th June 2013.  This time was selected based on the schedule of the activities at the centre.
Sr. Kusumam, the person in-charge of  Shishu  Bhavan  briefed the 21 volunteers to treat all children alike, not to show any  preference for any particular child.  She also explained  how the children are helpless and we have to see God in them. 

Then the group was divided into 2 groups, one opted for feeding the children which included washing their plates  and the other took up the task of cleaning the dormitory and changing the bed linen.   After completing the respective jobs,  some of the volunteers also helped in washing  and drying their clothes.  For the task of feeding, the staff provided semi solid food which had to fed to all the children. The bedding and the linen is changed everyday because most of the children soil them multiple times in a  day. Clothes need to be washed several times to ensure hygiene and they are also rinsed in antiseptic lotion.
The day’s activity ended at 11.30 am with a briefing of The Imagine Trust to the volunteers.
As a practice, The Imagine Trust encourages volunteers to carry utility items. This is optional. Some volunteers chose to bring items whereas some contributed in cash. A total of Rs 11000 was collected in cash. This cash was utilized to buy the items. 
The items  which were generally those used  for the children in the institution such as Cerelac, Lactogen,  Chips, Soaps,  talcum powders,   diapers, toothpastes,  medicines,  multi-vitamin drops,  Dettol,  Dettol Hand wash,  Cooking oil,  Phenyl,  Harpic toilet cleaner, etc.  A detailed list is given below.
Feedback was collected at the end of the event. As expressed by the Volunteers, it was a great experience .   They were really moved with pity to see those innocent  children who are helpless because of their physical and mental  conditions.  Many of them expressed their desire  to visit Shishu Bhavan again.
Feedback :
  • "Expecting much more of this  kind of activities"  - Ganesh  M
  • "Awesome, wonderful experience.  Feeling very happy.  Thank you so much" - Akshara Ruchita
  • "It was a great experience to be here to know such wonderful people.  Wish to be part of this association always.  Thank you". - Sangeetha
  • "It was great experience to be part of Imagine Trust". - Kavitha K
  • "Had nice time with Shishu Bhavan and would like be part of Imagine Trust." - Nalini
  • "I would like to join you people hence forth.  Thank you". - Guna
  • "Loved it.  Would like to do many more such initiatives with you all". - Sunanda Ramesh

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