Monday 11 November 2013

Its your turn to INSPIRE

At every stage in life we get inspiration from individuals or from the situations we encounter. These inspirations form our aspirations which shape into our dreams. Once APJ Abdul Kalam in his speech said, “We have to DREAM for our DREAMS to come true”. This powerful statement has never failed to inspire me. Now it’s time to inspire many more life through our interactions.
India has the youngest population in the world. It is this dynamic factor which has the potential to change the future of our country. Is our country ready to utilize the real potential of our future generation? Are our present youth and future generation thinking on the same lines as Kalam suggested? 
We find only few instances where youth from rural India made it big in the world when compared with the numerous success stories of the city or town breeds.
There aren’t many mechanisms to bridge this gap like what it’s been done in Bihar – the Super 30 story where Mr Anand Kumar who prepares small town and village kids for IIT.  It’s not just the coaching, he has helped those kids to dream big in life, he has created that inspiration to life, which will surely be the game changer in their life.
We Indians have become emotional only when we watch movies like “Aarkashan” or “3 Idiots” and we forget the situation after that. If we have another 20 Anand Kumars and his Super 30 kind of institutes, it will ignite many more sparks. If only parents are well educated and can help the kids to dream big. But this scenario is true only with 20-25% India’s, who lives in cities/towns. We still have 70% of India living in villages. It is here that one needs to ignite these minds.
It’s not the question whether we are encouraging everyone to be an engineer/ doctor; it’s about creating avenues for our rural youth and making them realize that they can build a better India. Whenever I talk to rural youth they are not aware of the preparations needed to get into NDA exams/CET exams/IAS officer or any other competitive exams. More than anything, there is no spark created in their life to do something big. Nobody has told them think big. No wonder we still have such a huge population of youth discontinue education before high school. While the current midday meal programmes has attracted kids to come to school, but not helped them to get inspired for life.
Imagine wants to inspire the present and future generation through visiting villages along with people who hold the spell to inspire others. This motivate people to do their bets in life. It’s not about making engineers or doctors, it’s about making resourceful citizen who can contribute towards India’s success story in any area including Agriculture.
We at Imagine, imagine a better India; a better future by inspiring thousands of youth who need guidance and inspiration in their life .Join Hands with Imagine to inspire our youth in small towns/villages to plan career guidance and building your career workshop to conduct.
Be the inspirational speaker and inspire many lives. We will train you to conduct this programme. Help us in identifying the schools/ colleges / communities where this programme can be conducted. Let us imagine an India where our youth will build this country with self-motivation and leading it to growth. 

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