Thursday 20 February 2014

My voice lives forever! - Chandrakanta S

Chandrakanta S
I joined Imagine Trust as part of my school activity which wanted its students to engage in Community service. I am so glad to have chosen Imagine trust which has been really generous to me.

I was given a task of recording a book for the visually impaired. It was something new and different to do than what the rest of the class was doing.

It was my first time doing a noble endevour like this and I as usual tend to delay and postpone my work. Thus after a bit slow start I got the spirit and I finished recording the entire book. On completion a sense of joy and satisfaction came over me which made me feel good about myself.
I was happy to have done this. The ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma is one such great books that inspires you. I am happy that lakhs of visually impaired persons will listen to this book through my voice.

I would like to thank Imagine Trust for letting me do this work which stands as a wonderful experience.

Editor’s Note: Chandrakanta is a kind person who feels for others. She is a student of standard 11 and has recorded a book under the Imagine Talking Books Project.
If you desire to be the voice to the lakhs of visually impaired, write to us at We will enable you to record a book for the visually impaired.