Monday 17 February 2014

Visit to Old Age Home at Prashant Nivas: A beautiful day made memorable!

Well, it turned out to be a beautiful day from a disastrous previous night for me. All praise to Imagine. Yes, I joined my hand with some good intention in order to become useful for the society in some way. Old Age Home was the initiative in front of me.

I was  glad that first time I was getting this kind of opportunity that would give me something to be proud of myself, but I knew that somewhere in the corner of my heart, it was a sad feeling that was encroaching me to think to see grey-haired people, being left out in shelters. Some children bring them to old age homes and leave them here, promising to come for them later. But once someone gets in, there is no leaving.  

When I entered the premises, I saw a grim expression, may be an expression of loneliness, expression of being left out! These people must have once upon a time sacrificed their sleep for their children; must have nurtured them with care; must have provided their family with every necessity within their reach, and now when they are weak, feeble and old; they are left on their own.

I was feeling good when I made them smile, interacted and was lucky enough to be loved and got blessed by them. But that feeling got mixed with some gloomy emotions when I saw a young girl telling me "I don't have anyone" & Winola, my friend asked her not to cry.

When I felt their hands on mine, it felt like a different world to me. It was heavenly. Some got left out by age factor & some because of their illness such as being mentally challenged. Who knows whether they suffered this in the later run after being in solitary state. There was this Urdu speaker, Shahina, she loved me as her own son. There was a Keralite women, who sang innumerous songs for me, may be she was trying to get the feeling of her lost times. The advantage & knack over other volunteers was my ability to speak & understand multiple language.                                          

Life is a circle, many seem to forget that. Initially we needed them, but now they needed us. It's just that, roles get switched.

- Abdulla
Imagine ROC Volunteer

Date:15 Feb,2014
Venue: Prashant Nivas, Mangalore
Volunteers: Anupam Lobo, Abdulla, Aparna Naik, Jean Eden, Jovita Elveera Mendonca, Roshni Jean,Vinay Mut,Winola D'souza, Nitin Kumar, Divya Mulky, Akshata Shenoy, Rajvee Poojary, Leena Rasquinha.

Imagine Reach Out Club (ROC) is a initiative towards providing opportunity for the youth to get involved in service oriented work.
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  1. "Visiting senior citizen homes in chennaiis a heartwarming initiative. It's essential to show love and care to the elderly. Kudos to Reach Out Club for making a positive impact on their lives!"